This Inhuman Place Makes Human Monsters.
Hi I'm Lilly and what do you mean 'Homestuck Fandubs' isn't a valid genre of music ***SEMI-HIATUS considering I'm going to college and shit I just won't be as active as usual***

Part 3 of the photos from MCM! 

Me and Maya really enjoyed meeting every one of you! you were all so lovely and your cosplays were all fab!

Rose on the left- Me

Kanaya- Maya

John- Axis

Rose on the right - mayaridia

Trickster!Dirk- lilithrazor

Frank-N-Furter- georgelarae

Fem!Jake- dork-tier

Derse Dirk- flyingmousetrapcircus

Please let me know if you’re in any of these pictures, I’ll link you and i’d love to chat! :) 

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